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Our mission is clear: We want our clients to flourish.

With Fivespot Digital Marketing, you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple agencies to handle all of your digital marketing channels. From Web Design to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, we know what it takes to help your business flourish online and dominate your competition.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy goes beyond our mission statement. Think of us as a team of employees, working day and night to promote your business, at a fraction of the cost! If we can provide a full range of digital marketing services for small businesses, why not be able to provide sales and marketing materials as well? For over the past decade, small businesses are bombarded with information about using specific vendors for specific things. Each agency is the same: Specializing in one area of expertise, or one specific niche, while not being able to use those same strategies or techniques for other industries. To put it simply, we are an All-In-One Digital Marketing Agency designed to dominate all aspects of your digital marketing so you can focus on running your business.

Our Executive Team

Amir Jafari

CEO & Founder

Matthew Goldstein

Operations Manager

Angelina Ontiveros

SEO Specialist

Austin Sacks

Copywriting & Production

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