Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Fivespot has created an evidence-based Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media program that excels at bolstering your restaurant’s online search visibility, bringing increased traffic through your restaurant doors, and leading to additional customers and sales revenue from takeout and delivery. Some of our earliest clients, many of which we still work with years later, are restaurants, and our favorite ones at that! Whether you operate an American food restaurant, Mexican restaurant, fast food franchise, or any other kind of dining establishment, Fivespot has the track record of success to grow your restaurant significantly.

We help turn your restaurant into the talk of the town.

Website Design & Development

Grow your revenue with an independent website with a built-in online ordering platform.

Search Engine Optimization

We help drive local diners to your restaurant’s doors using our effective Local Search solutions.

Social Media Ads

We increase your online orders with powerful, data-driven Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns.

Reputation Management

Fivespot helps you get more reviews, improve conversion rates and grow your reputation.

Restaurant Web Design

Let Fivespot design and develop your new restaurant website. As a BentoBox Agency Partner, our team of web designers have built websites for over 10,000 restaurants around the world! With an independent website, we also implement an online ordering platform that will convert more of your diners into paying customers than ever before, optimized for mobile with the ability to accept online orders right through Google Maps!

SEO for Restaurants

A central part of our restaurant SEO program is adding the business information (name, address, phone number, email address, website URL, hours of operation, menu, ordering options, etc.) to all of the top online company directories and data aggregator services. For restaurants, we also submit the details to top food-specific directory sites. We confirm that all of the information is complete and accurate so that there is no confusion whatsoever for prospective patrons. As restaurant information can, and often does, change over time, we are always at the ready to make all necessary adjustments across the board. Besides providing important information for diners, these business directory listings also factor quite heavily into search engine rankings. In our experience, having one’s restaurant show up prominently in the Local Map Pack on the search engine results pages (SERPs) can definitely help bring in new customers.

Business directory listings also provide a valuable way to strengthen a restaurant’s backlink profile. Simply put, backlinks are links to pages on one’s website that come from a third party website. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all of the other search engines consistently evaluate the quantity and quality of a website’s backlinks. They do so in large part because backlinks are meant to convey that the website being linked to is highly useful and trustworthy. Acquiring backlinks over time can therefore play a significant role in boosting keyword rankings. The Fivespot team is also able to produce quality backlinks via optimized YouTube video creation, press releases, and more.

How Fivespot Helps Increase Your Restaurant Revenue

As critical as off-page SEO is, it is only one piece of the larger puzzle. In fact, much of our restaurant SEO campaign entails a substantial amount of work done on the website itself. This is because there is an array of on-page factors that search engines focus on when generating their rankings. As skilled SEO specialists, we are always diligent in optimizing each of these aspects on every web page.

Among other things, Fivespot optimizes:

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Page URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions
  • Page headers and subheaders
  • Keyword optimization within paragraphs
  • Internal linking (links from one page to another page on the same website) within text content
  • Images (file size optimization, titling, alt text, geographic metadata)
  • Conversion optimization (phone numbers and contact forms in appropriate locations)

As soon as we have finished with the initial on-page and off-page tasks, we thoroughly examine changes in keyword rankings and your local Google MyBusiness activity to see which require further optimization. We then assemble additional completely optimized pages designed specifically to boost keyword rankings and help bring in new business for those looking for your type of restaurant and are within the area. To make sure that restaurants dominate as much of the search results as possible, we begin by focusing on their geographic backyards and then incorporate surrounding areas within a set radius.

Overall user experience is also something that search engines take into account when ranking a website. As much as possible, Google and the others seek to avoid sending users from the search results pages to restaurant websites that end up being difficult to navigate or have issues with how they function. Among the most important aspects of user experience are page speed, mobile responsiveness, and cross-browser functionality.

Fast page loading across all device types is of great significance for websites looking to provide the best user experience possible. When users visit a restaurant’s website to look at the menu, place an online order for takeout or delivery, or find out about catering options, they’re not likely to stick around long if it takes seemingly forever to load. It is also worth noting that search positioning can ultimately suffer if users continually leave the website without spending much time there or interacting with the content provided. Our team assesses page speed early on in the SEO campaign, and makes adjustments where appropriate and feasible.

Why do restaurants partner with Fivespot?

The Fivespot team stands behind its work and takes great pride in all we have been able to accomplish for restaurants. Transparency and open communication are always at the forefront of our operations, and we go above and beyond to earn our clients’ trust and long-term business. Our SEO specialists are extremely responsive to client questions and needs, and we make certain that no client ever feels like they’re being ignored or left in the dark. We greatly enjoy working on behalf of restaurants, and hope for the opportunity to work with yours as well.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

The Fivespot team routinely tracks and evaluates performance data to help produce optimal SEO results for our restaurant clients. Assessing Google Business insights, Google Analytics metrics, Online Ordering revenue and more lets us determine where we need to next focus our efforts. It also enables us to see whether any modifications we’ve made have led to the desired effects. Fivespot has always rejected the “set it and forget it” mindset that many other agencies have unfortunately come to depend on. Search Engine Optimization has always been an ongoing process requiring continual work and adjustment, and we firmly believe in adapting and supplementing our plans when appropriate to continue client growth.

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