Digital Marketing for Wedding Venues

Over our many years in business, Fivespot has created an SEO process that is all-inclusive and consistently delivers exceptional results. The work that we do is meant to substantially improve a client’s online search visibility, bring more traffic to the website, and generate an abundance of qualified leads that can convert into clients. If you own or operate a wedding venue and are looking to boost your business, the Fivespot team is ready and able to help.

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Website Design & Development

We can help you build a custom, responsive website for your wedding venue that is optimized for your local market and search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

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Social Media Ads

We help wedding venues attract more engaged, high-net-worth prospective brides and grooms.

Reputation Management

Fivespot helps you get more reviews, improve conversion rates and grow your reputation.

SEO for Wedding Venues

In order for our SEO specialists to put together the best possible strategy and course of action, we begin by doing a comprehensive audit of the website as well as off-site (off-page) factors. It is vital for us to assess current keyword rankings and to evaluate the extent to which the wedding venue is already optimized.

To enable us to start our work as swiftly as possible, we have established a simple and straightforward onboarding process. During the onboarding our team verifies all of the wedding venue’s business information, gets login credentials to the website we’ll be working with, and obtains access to the venue’s Google Business profile and Google Analytics account if already set up. As SEO is all about improving keyword rankings as much as possible, it is also at this time where we also put together the main keyword list we will be evaluating and tracking as the campaign progresses.

Local Search Engine Marketing for Wedding Venues

A central facet of our overall SEO approach for indoor and outdoor wedding venues is making certain that the business information (name, address, phone number, email address, website URL, hours of operation, etc.) is added to all of the high-value online directories and data aggregators. Our team does an exceptional job of ensuring that the venue’s information is accurate and complete across the board. If any of the information changes, we make updates on all directories to maintain consistency. We put a great deal of time and effort into these directory submissions because they play a major role in the search engines’ ranking algorithms. Having a robust directory profile and a fully optimized Google Business listing can go a long way in helping the venue secure top placement in the prominent, attention-grabbing Local Map Pack.

Submitting business information to directories is a highly useful way to produce backlinks, which are links to one’s website from third party websites. Part of the reason why backlinks are so valuable is that they serve as a kind of “trust signal”. When evaluating web pages for indexing (adding to the search results) and ranking purposes, search engines take such trust signals into account. Google and the other online search services are designed to promote/recommend pages that are deemed trustworthy and authoritative. As such the more trust signals a site has, the more it may benefit when it comes to rankings. To help generate as many quality backlinks as we can over time, we also make use of guest posts, optimized YouTube videos, and press releases.

How Fivespot Helps Wedding Venues Generate More Leads

Just as business directory submissions and other components of off-page SEO are vital for overall optimization, so too is the work we do directly on the venue website. As Google’s “spiders” crawl page code for indexing and ranking, there are certain elements that have tremendous weight. Over the course of the campaign, our SEO specialists fully optimize all of these elements so that the client can reap the highest possible benefit.

Fivespot’s on-page SEO for wedding venues involves optimizing the following:

  • Page title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs
  • All levels of page headers (primary, secondary, etc.)
  • Keyword quantity and placement in paragraph text
  • Internal links (links between pages on a single website)
  • Image assets (geo-based metadata, titling, alternative text, file size)
  • Conversion optimization (facilitating lead generation through strategic form and phone number placement

One of the main goals of wedding venue SEO is to help search engines gain a better understanding of what the venue is, what specific services it offers, and where it operates. Structured data markup, a segment of JavaScript code that we create and implement on the website, is exceedingly valuable in this regard as it is configured in a way that search engines can clearly interpret as they crawl the pages. This markup is meant exclusively for search engines, and is not viewable by users as they spend time browsing through the site.

As soon as our team has finished with the foundational round of on-page and off-page optimization, we take a close look at the keyword rankings we’ve been tracking from the start to analyze all changes in positioning. For any keywords that require further work, our specialists put together new completely-optimized pages. While we begin by making sure that the wedding venue has a dominating presence in its home city, we quickly expand out to additional geographic areas to bring in as many viable leads as we can.

Why do wedding venues partner with Fivespot?

At Fivespot, clear communication and transparency have always been vital to the Search Engine Optimization work we do for our wedding venue clients. We always endeavor to earn our clients’ trust and continued business, and do so partially by being as open as possible in our work and in the reporting we routinely provide. Each team member takes great pride in their efforts, and no information is ever withheld or manipulated. We also place great importance in being responsive to our clients so that they get their questions answered and have a complete understanding of all we are doing for the SEO campaign. With Fivespot, no business we work with is ever ignored or considered to be “just another client”. We are known for treating each company with the respect and commitment they deserve, and our years-long relationships with many of our clients is clear evidence of that.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

The Fivespot team routinely tracks and evaluates performance data to help produce optimal SEO results for our wedding venue clients. Assessing Google Business insights, Google Analytics metrics, Search Console data and more lets us determine where we need to next focus our efforts. It also enables us to see whether any modifications we’ve made have led to the desired effects. Fivespot has always rejected the “set it and forget it” mindset that many other agencies have unfortunately come to depend on. Search Engine Optimization has always been an ongoing process requiring continual work and adjustment, and we firmly believe in adapting and supplementing our plans when appropriate to continue client growth.

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