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When you’re seeking digital marketing tools that are both effective and affordable, pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising can control spending while still offering value to your web presence. With guidance and implementation strategies from Fivespot, you can find a paid search strategy that resonates with the objectives you have in mind.

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Paid Digital Advertising Services

Google Ads

The most effective advertising approach in the digital world.Google Ads & AdWords Campaigns »

Video Advertising / YouTube Advertising

Run pre-roll and post-roll video advertising campaigns across the #1 video sharing site.Video Advertising / YouTube Advertising »

Retargeting / Remarketing

Serve ads to those who have engaged with your company or website previously.Franchise Search Engine Optimization »

Media Buying

Disrupt your market with effective radio, television, outdoor and print advertising campaigns.Media Buying (TV, Radio) »

As in most areas of marketing, PPC success requires a researched plan designed to meet your goals while still controlling spending. By targeting customers throughout all phases of the buying funnel, small businesses have the opportunity to reap big rewards without a sinking tens of thousands into the process.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

As the name implies, pay-per-click advertising is a marketing strategy in which you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your page. Highly effective for businesses in need of web traffic and exposure, this approach allows companies to save on marketing expenses while still reaping the rewards of a paid advertising model.

PPC ads are through multiple channels such as text ads, video, and display advertising, and are placed at the top of search engine results or throughout sponsored results on third party websites, depending on the form of campaign purchased. In many ways, these ads are indistinguishable from standard web results, featuring meta titles and descriptions designed to attract customer attention.

Despite the simple-sounding setup, PPC advertising can become a costly trap when used incorrectly, wasting your advertising budget without anything to show for it. Success in the PPC world relies on numerous factors, including thorough market research, an educated understanding of the subtle nuances of ad creation, copywriting, dynamic testing, and flawless execution. As compelling as a trial and error approach may be, this can prove to be extremely costly, leading to a big investment with an unnecessarily high customer acquisition cost.

How Our Paid Advertising Services Work

Our approaches are highly researched and in line with current market data, allowing us to find a fit that truly works with what you need. Whether you have a current PPC ad series that isn’t achieving successful results or are new to the field and looking for answers, we are able to create effective, affordable campaigns customized to what you have in mind. Our techniques are focused on minimal spend for maximum output, saving you money by effectively managing your expected outcomes.

Keyword research and analysis

We research the industry and competitive outlooks for your pay per click campaign and analyze the best execution designed to minimize cost per click while maximizing conversion.

Launch & Optimize

Once your ad campaign goes live, our dedicated account manager will update you regularly on the progress and performance of your campaign and will work towards tweaking and fine-tuning your campaign for maximum performance.

Campaign Creation

Your campaigns will be designed from scratch using our researched ad & keyword suggestions, tailored towards your business goals.


Our FivespotAnalytics dashboard provides reporting of all your performance metrics, in real time.

We have a proven strategy for launching, maintaining and maximizing your paid ad campaigns.

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