The use of video has exploded in the past several years. Millennials and Gen-Z consume video through mobile, desktop and game counsels like the Sony PS4 or Microsoft X-Box. We deliver your message through You Tube, Hulu, Umi, TikTok, Instagram, National broadcast sites and Local broadcast sites to deliver compelling messaging to an audience ready for your product or service.

Our Process


  • We will help you reach your target audience by engaging in market segmentation. We will determine your core demographics, your audience’s decision making processes, various psycho and geographics to help eliminate mediums you don’t want to target.



  • It’s go time! We ensure your media is delivered to the right channels and fulfillment is complete.


Measure & Adapt

  • We will work with you to analyze the performance data from our video advertising campaign, and assess the overall effectiveness. We will look into both positive and negative patterns and make adjustments to ensure your next campaigns run better than the last.


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