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We grow your social media brand presence by curtailing content towards your target audience, and the social media channels where they spend most of their time. We strategically plan your social media posts so that your social media presence best serves the needs of your company.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Reach your target demographic effectively through Facebook Ads.Facebook Marketing & Advertising »

Local Business Social Media Campaigns

Reach more local customers that fit your target criteria, and drive them to your store.Local Business Social Media Campaigns »

Remarketing & Retargeting

Bring your customers back to your website with targeted remarketing advertising at every stage.Remarketing & Retargeting »

Instagram Marketing & Advertising

Grow your Instagram followers and drive interest to your products or services with Instagram marketing.Instagram Marketing & Advertising »

Custom Audience Advertising

Using past and present customer and web traffic data, creating a custom audience based off of that data will reach those that have a higher intent of converting.Custom Audience Advertising »

Geofencing & Geotargeted Advertising

Passively target users that live or travel within a specific area on a map.Geofencing & Geotargeted Advertising »

Social media channels can be utilized to establish brand familiarity and inspire customer loyalty. Social media can also help legitimize your brand and quickly respond to the concerns of customers.

Social Media is the Most Important Piece to Your Marketing Strategy

Every small business needs to be on social media because it connects you directly to your customers, and it also gives you a chance to get both positive and negative feedback directly from them. Also, customers you haven’t even targeted can find you on social media. It can increase your sales and how often you retain customers. After all, seeing your content in their feed each day can help build a greater, more positive connection with your brand.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Fivespot Digital Marketing will help market your business by posting unique, engaging content throughout Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. These posts will inspire your current fans to share them, while it will also result in new likes and follows when people connect to what’s being shared. When people log onto social media, they want to be entertained, moved, amused, or inspired. When they are, they are eager to share those experiences with others.

How We Approach Social Media Marketing

At Fivespot Digital Marketing, we diversify the type of social content we post because that’s the best way to capture the consistent attention of your customers. We offer three basic types of content:

Diverse Promotional Content

These social media posts allow you to communicate directly about what’s going on with your business. They can be promotional posts that offer a discount code to customers for a certain time period, a text post that informs fans about a new item that’s for sale, or simply a meme that captures a fact about your company.

Industry-Relevant Content

Since your customers have already indicated an interest in the specialization of your company by liking your page, they are likely to also be interested in information that’s related to the industry of the business you’re in. Also, when they share this type of content, they can come to associate your business with the industry itself.

Managed Engagement

Managing your social media contacts can be quite a drag. We handle it all for you, from responding to messages to engaging with your audience when a question or comment arises.

Local-Relevant Content

We post local events and news to your customers because these type of posts capture a lot of interest. People are often inspired to share them because the information would be helpful to their friends. By typing these helpful associations to your business, you can build a larger customer base.

Trends & Popular Hashtags

Within each piece of content we post, we use only relevant, high-volume hashtags that convey the content posted, as well as trending (though relevant) hashtags used to grow your follower base.

Creative Copywriting & Content Scheduling

Optimize your locations across the top directory websites where customers are finding businesses like yours.

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