Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Leverage the power of Facebook without lifting a finger. Speak to one of our Ad Managers today and learn how we can grow your business!

Target Specific Audiences


Measurable Results

Generate Leads, Sales, or Exposure

Our Process

Discovery Audit

  • Talk to one of our Facebook Ads experts to learn how best to approach a Facebook Advertising strategy. We will work with you on your discovery call to look into specific growth opportunities, target markets, and put together a strategic plan.



  • Our team will design the creative for the advertising campaign, including image assets (Photos, Video), copywriting (Headlines, Ad Text), landing pages and funnels. Once approved, we will publish the campaign and go live!


Measure & Adapt

  • Our Fivespot Client Dashboard will show your overall performance from your campaign, including clicks, impressions, and conversions (Purchases or Leads). Once we have enough data coming in within a week into our campaign, we will continue to monitor and make changes to make sure we don’t waste valuable clicks, or persist with a copy that is not resonating with your target audience.


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