About Fivespot

Our mission is clear: We want our clients to flourish.

Not your typical SEO agency.

Our objectives are asynchronous with what business owners expect out of a digital marketing agency, beyond what your typical agency would provide. Our powerful SEO and Advertising solutions are built to create an abundance of traffic, leads, and revenue for your business. At the end of the day, Fivespot is your Outsourced CMO, and we ensure our clients that we are more than just your cookie-cutter, fly-by-night agency.

We are Aggressive

We use a marketing and advertising strategy consisting of hundreds to thousands of keyword variations, on-page factors and off-page factors to maximize all opportunities for conversions and revenue. Fivespot turns it up to eleven.

We can Adapt

Search algorithms change. Facebook and Google advertising regulations change. Your company’s overall strategy may change. Our team works with our clients on a 1:1 basis to ensure our current marketing and advertising strategy is in sync with the business’.

No Bullsh*t

SEO is a process. Advertising campaigns require precise targeting and patience. We do not hold back on explaining the right expectations for each campaign we launch. Extremely transparent with communication channels and real-time reporting via our FivespotAnalytics Client Dashboard.

Executive Team

Amir Jafari
Founder & CEO

Matthew Goldstein
Director of Marketing Operations

Angelina Ontiveros
SEO Specialist

Tanvir Hassan
Web Development Specialist

Kacie Goff
Creative Content Specialist

Blaze Bhence
Strategic Partner

Fivespot is the team you need to grow your business.

We will help grow your brand with our powerful, tried & tested strategies.