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Fivespot has set up an extensive, results-oriented process for SEO that is meant to substantially boost your real estate firm’s online visibility, bring increased traffic to your website from qualified buyers and sellers, and most importantly generate a continuous increase in leads and showings. Our strategy has proven to be incredibly effective for real estate agencies seeking to gain a better foothold in the market, as well as for mortgage and escrow companies.

Top Real Estate SEO Experts

As we commence with our real estate SEO campaign, it is first vital to determine how well a real estate agency or realtor is optimized and where their keyword rankings stand. We therefore begin by producing a detailed SEO audit that makes it clear for our team the tasks that need to be accomplished over time for optimal results. The strategy is then customized to meet the agency’s requirements and put into action. This includes looking into your current IDX system to determine if it has any SEO capabilities at all.

A central aspect of Fivespot’s real estate SEO is to make certain that the agency’s core business information (including name, address, phone number, business hours, website URL, and contact email) is accurately syndicated across high priority online directories and data aggregators. With directory listings being a consistently significant search engine ranking factor, having an agency’s information complete and consistent on Google Business and elsewhere online is indispensable for securing top positioning in the Local Map Pack. If a real estate company’s information ever changes, our team makes certain that the updates are reflected across all directories.

Local Search Engine Optimization for Realtors

An additional importance of online directory submissions is that they are a method of creating effective backlinks, which are simply links from outside websites back to pages on the agency’s first-party website. Search engines evaluate backlinks as part of their algorithms because the links serve as an indication that the website being linked to is authoritative, trustworthy, and therefore worthy of high positioning on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Real estate agencies accumulating these link-based trust signals over time are likely to see valuable ranking improvements. In addition to building links through directory submissions, our team also utilizes Press Releases, guest posts, YouTube videos, and other methods where relevant.

Off-page SEO is just one piece of Fivespot’s overall strategy. Another piece is on-page SEO, which entails full optimization of an agency’s website from top to bottom. In the process of crawling pages for indexing (adding to the search results pages) and ranking, Google, Bing, and other prominent search engines take into account a variety of on-page elements. Part of our job as SEO specialists is to optimize each component to help enhance keyword rankings and corresponding website traffic as much as possible.

How Fivespot Helps Generate More Local Home Buyers & Sellers

Throughout our SEO campaigns, our team draws on its expertise to correctly set up:

  • IDX Pages with the Region you are servicing
  • Page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs
  • All primary and secondary headings as well as additional subheadings
  • Keyword configuration within page text
  • Internal links (links between pages on a single site)
  • Image assets (file size optimization, metadata, alternative text, titles)
  • Conversion optimization (strategic configuration of contact forms and phone numbers on web pages to facilitate lead acquisition)

Structured data markup, or schema, is a snippet of JavaScript that is formatted for easy search engine consumption as their crawlers parse through a page’s source code. The schema provides a variety of useful information, letting search engines know who the company is, which real estate services it offers, and which geographic areas it caters to. While some SEO agencies do their clients a great disservice by leaving structured data markup incomplete or ignoring it altogether, Fivespot understands its importance and implements markup that includes all pertinent details.

After finishing the preliminary on-page and off-page optimization work, we then evaluate changes in keyword rankings. Doing so allows us to see which keywords are where they need to be, and which could benefit from supplemental attention. Our specialists then configure new, completely optimized pages to grow those keyword rankings further and continue improving search engine visibility. We begin by making sure that our real estate clients dominate the search results in their geographic center, and then expand to neighboring locations within a viable radius to get the attention of the most home buyers and sellers possible.

It perhaps goes without saying that users tend to have the best experience on websites that load page assets as rapidly as possible. When searchers click through to an IDX page and find that it doesn’t load, or loads quite slowly, they are apt to get annoyed and seek what they require elsewhere. With real estate being as cutthroat as it is, the last thing an agency would want is to lose business to a competitor because of an inadequate IDX system and a weak website. Sites with poor page speed can also see their keyword rankings negatively impacted, particularly as more people click through only to swiftly leave in frustration. To help prevent this from happening, our SEO team delves into page speed and implements all viable adjustments.

Why do realtors partner with Fivespot?

At Fivespot, we put our full effort into every SEO campaign we engage in on behalf of our real estate clients. The long lasting relationships we have with a majority of our clients speaks to our commitment to transparency, open communication, and delivering results. Our team understands that trust is earned, not just given, and we strive to earn that trust through clear reporting and consistent responsiveness to client needs. If you’re looking to solidify your online presence, gain a competitive edge on other agencies, and bring in new business, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you all we are capable of.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Fivespot is a data-driven SEO company, meaning that we put great emphasis on regularly examining all available performance metrics to help us produce the top results our clients deserve. By carefully analyzing Google Business insights for local listings as well as Google Analytics data, Search Console data, IDX activity and more, our team can clearly set or revise priorities. Thorough data analysis also enables us to see the impact of any adjustments we’ve made over time. At Fivespot, we do not just set things up and forget about them like other agencies tend to do. Rather, we understand that by its very nature Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing and evolving process that requires adaptation and continual effort for maximum effectiveness.

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